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ADDER the COVID19 Painted Rock Snake

Markfield’s very own rock snake has now reached over 1000 painted rocks. As mentioned in last month’s edition of the Herald and in response to public feelings we will be turning the rock snake into a permanent memorial. We received £250 from Hinckley and Bosworth VCS to provide some of the materials needed and Barden Quarry have donated a FOUR ton granite rock to the Parish Council as a centre piece. We now have a number of volunteers prepared to do the ground work but we could do with a few more willing hands to sort out the rocks and plant spring bulbs. Hopefully the work should start later this month. If you could spare us a bit of your time and want to help - please give us a call. We also intend to include a time capsule within the memorial including COVID19 items such as face masks, disposable gloves, sanitiser, photographs and other materials relating to Markfield during the pandemic. If you have any items that you would like to be included please give us a call.

PHOTOGRAPH 1000th Painted Rock


Ssssssssssincere thanks!!! Please help!

If you have taken a walk at the lovely Community Park in Markfield this Spring and Summer, you can not fail to have noticed the Markfield Adder! The Markfield Adder began during lockdown and local residents of all ages have contributed to make the Community Snake almost one thousand stones and rocks long! The adder has provided hours of fun to many people, not only creating each stone or rock, but also viewing and counting what other people have made! 

There have been various discussions and ideas as to what will happen to the Markfield Adder in the future? It would be great to use the adder to making a lasting Community Memorial of a unique time in this village, when I for one am so very proud of how this village has responded to tackle what has been for many people a very difficult period of their lives! The adder is yet another example of how this wonderful community has pulled together!

There is already a memorial arch of trees towards the bottom of the park in memory of local villagers. There is going to be a large rock and the memorial plaque will be turned around to face the pathway and mounted on the rock. There will also be a planter with some roses and daffodil bulbs planted in this area. It has been suggested that the Markfield Adder could also be placed in the ground in this area in a coil shape as a lasting memorial.

This is where you can help! I am not a builder or landscaper! Do you have any excess building materials or access to a cheap supplier please? Do you have the expertise to advise on the best way to do this please? Do you have a better idea or ideas on designs for what should happen to the Markfield Adder? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated please! This is our community snake and we need a community solution to save this for our village, this will be part of our history! Please contact me on markfieldcommunitycentre@hotmail.co.uk or 07885 243033 if you would like to share any ideas or are able to offer any help or advice to make this happen! If you have contributed  to the Markfield Adder but do not wish to have your stone or rock included in this project could you please reclaim it by the 1st September 2020.

My sincere thanks to everyone that has contributed to make the Markfield Adder and to Tony and Di Lockley, who have been carefully photographing segments of the adder for the future and to everyone that has helped to varnish and preserve the rocks!

Thank you!

Dawn Grantham.




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