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Centre's Management

The M.C.A. (Markfield Community Association)

The day to day running and development of the Centre is spearheaded through a voluntary committee known as the MCA.

The Association is a registered charity in the UK with the Centre site and building being leased by the MCA from the Parish Council.

The Association is responsible for the internal refurbishment, staff wages and the costs associated with activities and equipment related to the Centre.

The Association has a constituted voluntary management committee made up of volunteers, centre users and representatives from Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council and also the Markfield Parish Council.

With the Centre Manager the Association's Management Committee is responsible for ensuring the day to day running of the Centre as well as its development and improvement of facilities for Centre users, the village of Markfield and surrounding rural areas

For information, or could give a small amount of your time to help, or have any suggestions you would like the Association to consider, please contact the the Association via our email address 

Except where indicated members of the Centre's Management Committee are elected as Trustees at the Association's Annual General Committee normally held in May each year. Adhoc members are appointed throughout the year as appropriate.

2021/22 Markfield Community Association  Management Committee/Trustees

Chair                                                    Ron Grantham (Chair)           Trustee

Vice Chair                                            Vacant

Secretary                                             Sarah Beesley                        Trustee

Treasurer                                             Vacant
Trustee                                                Jack Bryan                              Trustee
Trustee                                                Dawn Grantham                      Trustee


Borough Council Representative        Vacant
Parish Council Representatives         None nominated at present


As a registered charity annual returns relating to Trustees and approved finances are submitted to the Charities Commision on an annual basis usually by the end of January each year. Finances are vetted through the Association's Auditors alongside Mercenfeld Trading Ltd (the trading arm of the Association)

The Association is currently reviewing its articles of governance and related operational proceedures and policies



Mercenfeld Trading Ltd.

The Association has a trading arm registered with Companies House the Directors of this Limited Company are as follows:

Chair                              Ron Grantham
Vice Chair                      VACANT
Company Secretary        Dawn Grantham
Treasurer                        Vacant

Annual financial returns are submitted to Companies House through the Association's Auditors


The Association has a Management Agreement with Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council and Markfield Parish Council - a consultative committee (MC4) is in place to oversee this agreement. The Association's representation on this body are:

Ron Grantham         Chair of MC4
Jeff Moulding           Member


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