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Line Dancing Classes are BACK


Have you ever sat back at a function or a dance watching people enjoying a bit of line dancing and wishing that you could join in the fun but you don’t want to show yourself up and because you don’t know the dance routines. Well, now’s your chance to learn. By popular request line dancing classes are now back at the Centre on Monday evenings from 7.30pm to 9pm. At the classes absolute beginners can learn how to line dance and those who have done it before can refresh their skills or learn new moves. Line dancing will certainly help to keep you fit and it is great fun. The bar will be open for a refreshing drink. The cost is £3.50p per session and all you have to do is turn up and join in. For further information please contact Geoff on 01530 452869

Mayflower Club’s Update


Firstly I am really pleased to inform you that our funding application to the Hinckley and Bosworth VCS Commissioning Board was successful. Our entry scored full marks on every aspect and the award recognizes all the good work we are doing here in Markfield to provide services and social activities for the elderly, the over 50’s, the lonely, people with dementia and those who care for them. The funding will ensure the continuance of the Mayflower projects for the coming year.


Autumn proved to be a very exciting time for our Wednesday afternoon Mayflower club. It is the time of the year when we can remember what we used to do as a kid and revive some of the old customs and games that sadly have all but disappeared from the modern world.


On the 4th October we held an autumn “race meeting” where members could have a “flutter” on their favourite gee gees. Each member had a fist full of “money” to gamble with over six races the aim being to see who could win the most. The room resounded to the sounds of raucous cheering and banging of tables as their horses raced towards the finishing line. At the end of the race meeting members use their winnings to bid for secret prizes. The auction was hilarious especially with members bidding hundred and thousands of “pounds” only to win a bag of carrots or a tin of dog food. Carol Berridge was the overall winner with Pat securing last place and the coveted wooden spoon

On the 11th October we held our now annual Markfield World Conkers Championship. Members made their own fighting conkers before challenging each other. This was the scary bit as the conker fights developed into a bit of a brawl with conkers flying everywhere. However no one was injured and judging from the sounds of laughter every one enjoyed this old fashioned game. Peter Clissold emerged as the eventual winner defeating Carol Kent in a closely fought and final battle. Peter was crowned this year’s conker champion and awarded the Mary Smart silver cup. I must also mention Alan who won the conker smashing challenge by annihilating two opponents conkers in a brilliant feat of dexterity and skill


On the 18th October we had a more sedate session playing old fashioned indoor games including dominoes, board games, snobs, tiddly winks and even a reminiscence board game from the 1960’s era. Most of the games had been kindly donated by local residents and are much appreciated.



On the 25th October we held our annual Halloween party with members dressed up as witches, ghouls and monsters. This year local author David Bell came along and gave a spooky talk on Leicestershire Ghost and Legends. He also gave us a talk on the Centre’s very own ghost which involves a very sad story that involved a tragic First World War love triangle, an old oak tree and a Romany Gypsy curse. The story explains why the Centre is haunted with strange noises at night, a chilly atmosphere and a blood red stain on the store room ceiling!!! Davis judged the Halloween fancy dress parade and proclaimed Helen Fisher as the winner with herself made Egyptian Mummy outfit.


On the 1st November we commemorated the 1605 Gun Powder Plot with a quiz on Guy Fawkes and the making of Guy Fawkes effigies. It was a chance for us to bring back the old tradition of “Penny for the Guy” which seems to have disappeared. Members got together with loads of old newspapers, straw and clothes to make their own Guys. The result was the building of four Guys one of which was a female version who we named Gill. The session brought back a lot of fond memories of Bonfire Night and Penny for the Guy. The Guys were displayed at the Centre during the lead up the Bonfire Night with and donations being given to Redgates Animal Sanctuary before they went up in flames on 5th November.


The Mayflower Club meets on Wednesday afternoons 2p to 4pm. It only costs £1.50p per session and that includes a “cuppa” and biscuits


Mayflower Friendship Club


If you are looking for just a chance to get out and socialise with a cuppa, have a natter and meet new and old friends why not come along to the Monday afternoon friendship club. The club is growing from strength to strength with more and more people joining in. The club meets on Monday afternoons from 2pm to 4pm and you will be sure of a warm welcome and only costs £1.50p per session.




Just a reminder that our new Good Times Together Club has started. It includes Activities, Crafts, Singing Cafe and much more and Welcomes people living with dementia or memory loss and their carers.


Come along and join us for tea, chat, games, activities and a sing-along in a safe, friendly, supportive and relaxing environment and above all get out of the house, enjoy a social, have fun and good times together



Friday 17th November

Friday 15th December

Friday 19th January


Then the third Friday of every month

All sessions are from 10.30am to 12pm.The cost is only £1.50p per person and includes a “cuppa” and light refreshments All welcome just turn up on the day. You will also receive a free “fiddle muff” kindly knitted by members of the Markfield Women’s Institute Knitting group

Calling ALL Toddlers


Are you getting bored staying at home and watching children’s television and just want to play with some other tiny people your own age. Why come along to our Tuesday and Thursday morning toddlers club. Here you can play with all the kiddy toys and have some fun. Unfortunately you must come along with your mummy, daddy, grandparents or other adult as long as they are well behaved. So, while you are playing the adults can relax and have a natter. Sessions are from 9am to 11.30am and only costs £1.50p each.






Let’s Begin Tai Chi


Our new Tai Chi taster sessions have proved to be so popular that our qualified instructor Kumiko will be holding an additional four week taster course in January on Tuesday evenings. The course is for beginners and those who want a refresher. During the course you will be given clear easy steps to follow and fun. It includes step by step instruction on Tai Chi essentials as well as breathing exercises. Booking is essential and to do this please contact Kumiko on 07535 528216.




Matt Elliott Sports Development



“Drop “n” Shop”

A chance for you to go shopping whilst the kids are playing football and other sports

21st December to 22nd December 10.30am to 3pm


To book your place please contact Richard Hill on 07584 568937






The National Blood Service really appreciate the amount of blood donations it is receiving from our residents and have asked us to make more dates available at the Centre. The next session will be on WEDNESDAY 31st January 2018 when you can “Do something amazing” and donate blood:





Money Saving Special Offer


Don’t forget that if you are planning a special family event, party or function with a bar we only charge a modest hire fee of £10 per room. This hire fee is very competitive to other venues in the area and will save you money.

For bookings and enquiries please contact Markfield Centre and Sports ,Mayflower Close, Markfield LE67 9ST on 01530 242240 or email markfieldcommunitycentre@hotmail.co.uk  or you can visit our website www.markfield communitycentre.com to view our facilities, latest news, photo gallery and information about the Centre.


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