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Some lovely photographs are now starting to come in showing residents efforts in growing sunflowers in response to our Ukraine fund raising appeal. Despite the scorching and dry weather, it is quite amazing that they have survived and grown. I have to say that mine were a dismal failure despite all my best efforts to keep them alive. Well done to those who have submitted their photographs and if you still have photographs to send us, please do so as we will be announcing the winner in the next edition of the Herald.

It has been really nice to see our local residents enjoying the Community Park over the summer holidays. Even though the grass became scorched and rather brown children, parents and residents enjoyed the open space playing, walking and even having a few picnics on the park.  The vast majority of people have been well behaved and have respected this wonderful public space. Sadly a few morons have not behaved so well. Apart from breaking down some tree branches, littering and “uprooting” and tipping over of waste bins some mindless individual had found it funny to daub the pathways with what can only be described as offensive and obscene graffiti. It is too obscene to publish in the Herald. Why do this? The Parish Council has expended a lot of funding and effort to create this wonderful open space in the village to be enjoyed by all. Having spoken to many people they are all appalled by this mindless criminal and offensive damage to a much-appreciated village resource. To whoever did this, be aware that this has been reported to the Police and an apology would be appreciated though I doubt if one will be forthcoming!!
On the 3rd August Jane Hayward came along to give a talk about the importance of taking care of your feet. I think that we tend to forget our feet until something goes wrong. Bad foot care can lead to pain, ill health and affect your mobility. Indeed, one of our members was overjoyed when he took up an appointment with Jane and he was full of praise stating that it was like “walking on clouds” after he had the treatment. So, the message is “Look after your feet” and don’t ignore any problems.
Members thought that it would be nice that to mark the planting of the Queens’s Platinum Celebration Silver Birch tree by resident and club member Pat Fossey. So, members clubbed together to get a special commemoration plaque made for her. On a hot afternoon whilst sheltering under the shadow of a tree members watched as Pat unveiled her special plaque made by local resident Mac. It was made even more special as Pat was about to celebrate her 94th birthday.

On the 17th August we had a music quiz based on British television programme themes from the 1950’s through to the 1970’s. It is amazing how we all remember the tunes but for the life of us cannot recall the programme. Still, it was a bit of fun as well as a journey down memory lane.
On the 24th August we held our now annual end of summer BBQ. Once again, the theme was “Pirates of the Caribbean” with members dressed up as swarthy buccaneers. Members were treated to a BBQ of chicken, burgers and sausages with coleslaw and potato salad. Desserts consisted of fruitsalad, Jamaica Ginger and other cakes washed down with a special Caribbean punch or tropical fruit juice. For entertainment we had a background of Caribbean steel drum music whilst members pondered over some Pirate jokes and a pirate picture quiz. Instead of “walking the plank” members took the Pirate challenge which consisted of trying to at a pineapple slice suspended from above with their hands behind their backs. I must also mention one of our members Gabriella who knitted a fabulous pirate doll which was awarded Shirley the winner of the Pirate Challenge.
On the 31st August we all went along to the Bulls Head at Abbots Oak for a nice lunch. It was great to enjoy a cooked lunch whilst having a natter with all our friends. Thanks go to Carole for arranging the lunch, Helen for doing the free raffle and of course the staff who, once again, made us feel most welcome.
Members of our Arts and Crafts club have nearly completed their ponchos with wonderful results. The tutors are now turning their minds to create Christmas items and decorations so. If you would like to join in just turn up on Monday afternoons. It costs only £2 per sessions and materials are provided.

From talking to local residents there appears to be many people out there who are experiencing loneliness and isolation. If you one of these people or you know someone who is the Mayflower Club is just the place for you. Give it a try. All our members are most welcoming and you will enjoy meeting new friends, having a natter and getting out of your home on a regular basis. If you want a chat about the club and how it can help you, please give us a call on 01530 242240. Many of our current members will also tell you how the club has been a blessing and how much they appreciate it.
If you are interested in joining in the Mayflower Club meets on Wednesday afternoons and our Friendship and Arts and Crafts Clubs meet on Monday afternoons all from 2pm to 4pm. Just turn up on the day and you will be most welcome. It only costs £2 per session and you get a cuppa and biscuits.

The current financial and energy crisis is starting to bite and the winter may rove extremely difficult for many people and families. With this in mind, we have started to collect donated items which we will deliver to Coalville food bank to help with their supplies. If you have any donations of non-perishable food or other items, please drop them off at the centre or call us on 07885 243033.

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All sessions are from 11.30am to 9pm

For bookings and enquiries please contact Markfield Community and Sports Centre,Mayflower Close, Markfield LE67 9ST on 01530 242240 or email markfieldcomunitycentre@hotmail.co.uk  or you can visit our website www.markfield communitycentre.com to view our facilities, latest news, photo gallery and information about the Centre.

Ron and Dawn Grantham

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