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Annual General Meeting

The postponed Annual General Meeting of Markfield Community Association will now take place at the Community Centre at 7.45pm on Thursday 24th September. The Association is the charitable body that has the overall responsibility for the day to day running and development of the Community Centre. Anyone interested in coming along will be most welcome HOWEVER, due to COVID19 restrictions, places are limited AND you MUST book your place via our email markfieldcommunitycentre@hotmail.co.uk or ringing the Centre Manager on 07885 243033.

ADDER the COVID19 Painted Rock Snake

Markfield’s very own rock snake has now reached over 1000 painted rocks. As mentioned in last month’s edition of the Herald and in response to public feelings we will be turning the rock snake into a permanent memorial. We received £250 from Hinckley and Bosworth VCS to provide some of the materials needed and Barden Quarry have donated a FOUR ton granite rock to the Parish Council as a centre piece. We now have a number of volunteers prepared to do the ground work but we could do with a few more willing hands to sort out the rocks and plant spring bulbs. Hopefully the work should start later this month. If you could spare us a bit of your time and want to help - please give us a call. We also intend to include a time capsule within the memorial including COVID19 items such as face masks, disposable gloves, sanitiser, photographs and other materials relating to Markfield during the pandemic. If you have any items that you would like to be included please give us a call.


It is hard to believe that it is now six months since the Community Centre closed and the lockdown forced the cancellation of all activities inside and outside the Centre. However, over the last two months we have gradually been re-opening. It has been hard work complying with all the Government’s COVID19 Guidelines and has cost us a pretty penny or two. But we are slowly getting there. Unfortunately some activities such as close contact sport, bar functions and children and community events are not available at the moment. Hopefully, in the not too distant future, we will be able to get back to as near normal times as possible. Please stay alert and adhere to Government Guidelines – none of us want another local lock down.


You may recall that very early on in Lock down the Markfield Queen Bees Youth Project delivered a present of sunflower seeds to every household in the village. I’m afraid that my sunflowers failed miserably unlike Borough Councillor Andy Furlong’s. Andy has regularly kept us updated on the progress of his sunflowers “Dawn” and “Jo” in previous editions of the Herald however, he has been outdone. The photograph shows Rona, a member of our Mayflower Club, standing next to her magnificent sunflower. Rona and her granddaughter have carefully tended and nurtured her sunflower over the last months and what a stunning result. Does anyone out there have a taller sunflower than Rona?


Mayflower Club

It has been quite difficult putting on activities for members and, at the same time, observing social distancing. However, we have managed to put on activities such as a VJ Day Commemoration event, Prize bingo, a game of battle ships and of course Carol’s hilarious Play Your Cards Right.


It is lovely to see the “old faces” slowly coming back to enjoy socialising and meeting up with old friends once again. Indeed we have some new members who, having felt rather lonely and isolated over the past few months, are now coming along and joining in.

We are now planning future sessions including a “day at the races” and a talk on murder and deaths. I don’t quite know yet how we are going to do the annual Markfield Conkers Championship this year but I am sure we will find a way.


If you fancy coming along or know someone who would benefit from the social activities provided by the Mayflower Club just come along or give us a call you will be most welcome.

Friendship Club Monday afternoons 2pm to 4pm

Mayflower Club Wednesday afternoons 2pm to 4pm

Sessions only cost £1.50p and includes a cuppa and biscuits


I am really delighted to tell you that the Markfield COVID19 Good Neighbours Scheme has been awarded the Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council’s Making a Difference Award 2020 for Keeping People Safe and Well during the pandemic. In normal times this would have been awarded at a special awards ceremony. The award recognises all the fantastic work carried out by all our Good Neighbours Scheme volunteers over the past many months.

Despite relaxations, going back to work and school our volunteers continue to perform countless acts of kindness and caring. Let me give you just one example. Recently we put out an appeal for the loan of a wheel chair needed to get a villager to the Mayflower Club. Within AN HOUR we had four offers of wheel chair donations. Truly amazing.


Please remember that if you would like to join our band of volunteers or need some help please contact us at markfieldcommunitycentre@hotmail.co.uk or ring us on 07885 243033

The National Blood Service will be holding sessions on the 25th October and a further session in December. Please keep donating your much needed blood and register your details with the National Blood Service online if you can help, thank you!

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