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It seems that this awful virus is never going away. Cases continue to rise as well as hospital admissions. We know of more people now that have contracted the virus than ever before including those who have been double vaccinated. So, to protect our staff, volunteers and Centre users, we are continuing to remain cautious and ask you to please be careful, wear a face mask on entering the building and in our designated FACE MASK ZONES where there is the greatest risk of passing on infection. We would also ask you to sanitise your hands on entry and we continue to maintain a track and trace system.
Just a reminder that if you are unfortunate enough to contract the virus or have to self- isolate the Markfield COVID 19 Good Neighbours Scheme is still here to help and support you if you. IT’S STILL OKAY TO ASK and if you need any help, support or advice just ring us on 07885 243033 and we will do our level best to help.
On Halloween evening Sunday 31stOctober we held our now annual Spooky Halloween Trail around the village. The Centre was lit up and decked out with Halloween lights and decorations. Children accompanied by their parents and even grand parents followed a trail of clues around the village before ending up at the Community Centre to collect their prizes of a Halloween goody bag. It was great to see the youngsters and indeed parents dressed up in their Halloween costumes and enjoying the fun. Many thanks must go to Sarah Beesley for organising the event and to all who helped her during the evening all of whom were voluntary workers. Hopefully the event helped to reduce nuisance caused by trick or treat in the village.​​​​

October was a very busy month for the club.
Unfortunately, due to other commitments, the Fire and Rescue Service were unable to come along so we had to improvise.  The English language is full of sayings relating to the good and the bad characteristics of animals. These are called idioms for example “sick as a parrot”, “Bear with a sore head” and literally dozens and dozens more. WE use them all the time without considering why. So, we did a picture quiz where members had to identify the idiom.
On the 13th October we held our now annual “Conkers Championship”. This really brought back memories of when we used to play conkers at school having baked the conkers and “borrowed” dad’s bootlaces to string them up with. The contest involved striking the opponents conker as many times as you could in a minute. There followed a shoot out between Julie and John to determine the overall winner. John emerged as the overall champion winning the coveted and new Conkers Cup with Julie coming a valiant second and claiming the Mary Smart Silver Cup.

We all remember listening to and singing nursery rhymes to our children and people still do. Most are hundreds of years old but many originate from dark and sinister events and historical infamous people yet we still use them. You all probably know that “Ring A Ring of Roses” relates to the Black Death but there are also many other nursery rhymes with gruesome origins. Both “Oranges and Lemons“ and “There was an Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe” have horrible endings as does the lullaby “Rockabye Baby in the Tree Top.” Would you have guessed that Humpty Dumpty was a cannon used in the English Civil War? Anyway, the quiz got members singing these rhymes trying to remember the words and being quite startled as to their origins.
On the 27th October we held our annual HALLOWEEN PARTY. Members arrived by broom dressed up as witches and other Halloween monsters. John won the fancy dress competition with his amazing and very realistic Dracula costume. Instead of apple bobbing (it’s hard to get the false teeth out of apples) we had an “eating the doughnut” competition. The doughnuts with extra sugar were suspended from a string with members having to try sand eat them with their hands behind their back. It was good fun even though their faces, hair and clothes were covered in sugar.

We now have the following events planned for the coming months:
17th November – a talk by Trading Standards on current scams
24th November – a Day at the Races followed by an auction
1st December – We are visiting Ulverscroft Manor and having a Christmas Lunch
15th December – a Creative Arts session making Christmas decorations
22nd December – Our annual Christmas Party22/12 Christmas Party
If you are at a loose end or want some company the Club also has sessions every Monday afternoon from 2pm to 4pm. At these sessions you can play dominoes, cards, and other indoor games and meet new friends over a cuppa.
If you would like to join in, please come along on Monday and Wednesday afternoons 2pm to 4pm. The cost is only £2.00p per session and includes a cuppa and biscuits. Please remember to bring your face mask and sanitise your hands when you come into the Centre.


The National Blood Service really appreciate using the Community Centre for blood donation sessions so much so, they have provided a list of sessions for 2022. The dates are shown below. You can book your blood donation appointment on line with the National Blood Service and “Do something amazing” by donating your much needed blood.

DATES 2022

19th January
9th March
11th May
6th July
31st August
26th October
21st December
All sessions are from 11.30am to 9pm

For bookings and enquiries please contact Markfield Community and Sports Centre,Mayflower Close, Markfield LE67 9ST on 01530 242240 or email markfieldcomunitycentre@hotmail.co.uk  or you can visit our website www.markfield communitycentre.com to view our facilities, latest news, photo gallery and information about the Centre.
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