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As I write this article the Government has announced a new nationwide COVID 19 lock down. As you will know by now, the lock down is from 5th November (ironically bonfire night) until at least the 2nd December. Sadly, this means that all indoor and outdoor activities at the Community Centre will cease until further notice. Unless there is another change in direction of the Government this includes sports, keep fit, exercise and other close contact activities. Like many other premises we have invested a lot of time and money into making the Centre COVID 19 secure and this new situation is heart breaking for us and our customers. Hopefully, with everything crossed, things will improve before Christmas. So, please say safe and help beat the virus by following the new guidelines and restrictions.



As with the first wave of the pandemic Community Centre will remain available for the National Blood Service, any emergencies and also as a virtual hub for the village voluntary COVID 19 Good neighbours scheme. Fortunately the village has a strong Good Neighbours Scheme with an “army” of volunteers willing and ready to help and support those that need it. So, we are ready and prepared to help throughout this latest phase of the pandemic and beyond. If you need any help with shopping, collecting prescription, other problems or just someone to chat to please give us a call on 07885 243033 remember IT’S OKAY TO ASK FOR HELP.

Please remember that if you would like to join our band of volunteers or need some help please contact us at markfieldcommunitycentre@hotmail.co.uk or ring us on 07885 243033

ADDER the COVID19 Painted Rock Snake

We have now had a couple of site meetings to plan out the construction of the rock snake COVID19 memorial and were hoping to get it started before winter bad really sets in. However, the new lock down restrictions may mean a delay in ground works etc. but we will get there in the end.


Halloween Event

Judging by the comments that we have received, the Markfield “Witchy Wandering and Monstrous March” Halloween event on the 31st October proved very successful and much appreciated by those who took part.

The event provided an alternative to the traditional door to door trick or treating which isn’t very COVID19 secure and risked the spread of infection. Our event enabled families to go out and enjoy Halloween safely. It was great to see families and children in Halloween fancy dress following a number of trails around the village looking for clues and looking at spooky Halloween displays. Families finally ended up outside the Community Centre where they received a certificate for completing the trail and their children were given a goody bag of sweets. Book prizes kindly donated by the Library were awarded to children with the best Halloween Fancy dress costumes. One big bonus was that there was no knocking on doors or any reports of anti-social behaviour. Perhaps this way of celebrating Halloween will be the way forward for coming years. A BIG thank you must go to Sarah Beesley for all her hard work in organising the event as well as the volunteers who helped ou on the day.


Mayflower Club

Sadly, the Mayflower Club will once again have to close until further notice and we will really miss our weekly catch up with members.

On 7th October we held our annual Mayflower World “Conkers” Championship however, this year we had to do it differently to ensure social distancing. So, how do you play conkers with a 2 meter length of string? The answer is you can’t. So, we devised a game where you rolled the conkers at target. Not as easy as you think as conkers aren’t round and roll all over the place. It was great fun and Paul eventually ran out as this year’s champion. He was duly presented with the Mary Smart silver cup.

On the 14th October we had a “Who am I quiz?”. This involved members anonymously providing some stories about themselves then members had to guess who it is. It included stories of members past, previous jobs, hobbies, favourite songs, film stars or singers, likes and dislikes and some funny stories from their past. It was all very interesting and a good way for all of us to get to know each other better.

On 26th October we managed to hold our annual Halloween session. Once again due to COVID it was not our usual format. No apple bobbing, Fancy Dress parade or pumpkin carving. We had to make do with my rendition of the Markfield Ghost story, Halloween jokes and a game involving steering a robotic spider. Despite the restrictions we still managed to have fun. Members still came along in their Halloween costumes with Marylin and Julie judged to be the best.

We will keep in touch with all of you and let you know when we can resume.

The National Blood Service will be holding a further session on Wednesday 2nd December. Please keep donating your much-needed blood and register your details with the National Blood Service online if you can help, thank you!


Ron and Dawn Grantham

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