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Leicestershire and Rutland Rural Community Council Achievements Awards 2019

We are all delighted to inform you that Markfield Community Centre and the Community Park won the BEST COMMUNITY FACILITY 2019 Award. Please see separate article on this wonderful achievement.


Hinckley and Bosworth Older Voices Forum

Officers and Councilors of the Borough Council were delighted with the turn out for at the Hinckley and Bosworth Older Voices Forum held at the Community Centre on Monday 21st October. They said that it was the “best forum meeting that they have ever held”. This is the first time that the Forum has met outside of the Hinckley locality and the meeting was so well attended that we kept on having to put out extra chairs. People attended were not just from Markfield but also from other parts of the Borough. The meeting included very interesting talks and updates on Dial A Ride, VISTA (Assistance for the blind and partially sighted) as well as services that impact on the health and wellbeing for our more older population. Members gave their personal experiences of loneliness and what it means to them. Their views will help to form a Loneliness Tool Kit being prepared by the County Council.

The meeting concluded with members a go at arm chair exercise and then a go at New Age Curling. New Age Curling is a form of the original curling game, but is adapted so that it can be played indoors on any smooth, flat surface, such as a sports hall, rather than on ice. Importantly, the game can be played by both able-bodied and disabled people of all ages alike and, apart from being a good form of exercise, it is also good fun. Members enjoyed this session so much that they have asked us to set up a New Age Curling Club. So, with the support of Borough Council coaches we will be starting a club at the Centre in the New Year i.e. the 8th January from 10am to 11am. Come along and join in the fun.

Markfield Good Neighbour Scheme

Following our meeting on the 23rd October planning for a Markkfield Good Neighbour Scheme is steadily moving forward. Once we have got everything in place we hope to launch the scheme in early 2020.The next group meeting will take place at the Community Centre at 6pm on Wednesday 20th November. So, if you are interested in volunteering and giving some of your time to help others in need please come along and give the village your support.

10th Wedding Anniversary

On Saturday 2nd November villager Matthew Lee put on a surprise wedding anniversary bash for his wife. Jayne. Jayne looked visibly shocked when she walked into the main hall full of family, work colleagues and friends including their children Isaac and Isabella. I understand that Matthew and Jayne first met at a pub in Oxford where Matthew was the bar manager and Jayne a member of the bar staff. I understand that Matthew also surprised Jayne when he proposed to her. He took her for a picnic at Abbey Park in Leicester. It was “early doors” on a cold and misty morning when he set up the picnic near to the boating lake. There was no one about other than the ducks to witness Matthew producing the ring box from his jacket pocket and “popping the question”. The surprised Jayne said yes. Many congratulations to you both from all at the Community Centre.

Parents and Toddlers Halloween Party

With the Community Centre decked out with Halloween Ghosts, Witches and Ghouls our very own “little monsters” had their Halloween Party at the Parents and Toddlers group on the actual day Thursday 31st October. The children enjoyed Halloween party food and games.

They are now all looking forward to their Christmas Party on the 17th December. We have heard from Father Christmas and he has confirmed that he will be coming along to give all the children a present.

If you want to bring your toddler along to the group you will be most welcome. The group meets on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9.30am onwards.



Not to be outdone by the children our Mayflower Club members also had their annual Halloween Party on Wednesday 30th October. Witches and Monsters “flew” into the Centre to have a go at pumpkin lantern making. Villager Tony Lockley was commandeered to judge the Halloween Fancy Dress competition and, it was no easy task. Chris Willett was judged to be the best with her scary costume. In fact her costume was so scary one little child, who had popped into the room, took one look at her and promptly fled the room in a panic. This year, instead of apple bobbing, we had a “eat the doughnut” challenge. With hands behind their backs members had to try and eat a suspended doughnut. It was hilarious and to be truthful I had tears in my eyes from laughing so much.

On the 9th October members were challenged to a game of darts. BUT this was no ordinary game as members had to line up at the “oche” and launch their darts but wearing “beer goggles”. This is no mean feat as the goggles make you feel tipsy and wobbly. Darts were flying all over the place and not many actually hitting the target but it was good fun.


On the 16th October we held our annual “Conkers” Championship. As it was half term we had invited members of the Queen Bees Youth Club to come along and join in. It is rather sad that, mainly due to health and safety, many young people have never been out “conkering” let alone played a game of conkers. Not to worry our members showed them how to make a conker string as well as conker models then they joined in with a conker session. They didn’t find it easy and us older ones showed them the way. Rob finally emerged as this year’s Conker Champion and was awarded the Mary Smart Trophy.

The following is the programme for the coming months:

13th November WW2 Remembrance Sing Along & Austerity Lunch

20th November Origins of Sayings/Words

27th November Lunch with “Vera Lynn” at the Stamford Arms

4th December Staying Warm in Winter

11th December Christmas Decorations

18th December Christmas Party

25th Dec & 1st Jan CLOSED

7th January Re-opening Social

14th January Latest Scams (TBC)

22nd January Burns “Supper


If you are interested in coming along to any of our Mayflower Clubs simply turn up either on at Monday Afternoon Friendship Club or on Wednesday afternoons for the main Mayflower Club. Both clubs are from 2pm to 4pm and only cost £1.50p per session. You will have fun, meet new friends and be most welcome


Reminder that the Community Centre is the polling station for this area for the General Election being held on Thursday 12th December



If you:

  • Are over 65

  • Feel unsteady on your feet

  • Had a fall or worry about falls

  • Would like to improve your balance

Then this is for you and it’s FREE.

The Borough Council is putting on a series of 24 rejuvenating exercise sessions to help you develop strength and balance. Sessions take place at the Centre from 10.30am to 12pm on Tuesday mornings. Booking is essential and you can do this by contacting Liz Causon on 01455 255870 or emailing her on liz.causon@hinckley-bosworth.gov.ok or by contacting the Community Centre.


Jay Brothers Christmas Concert Special

Saturday 7th December you can purchase your tickets at the Community Centre


The National Blood Service has arranged a further session at the Centre on Friday 13th December. You can book your blood donation appointment on line so please book your place with the National Blood Service and “Do something amazing” by donating your much needed blood.

Money Saving Special Offer

Don’t forget that if you are planning a special family event, party or function with a bar we only charge a modest hire fee of £10 per room. This hire fee is very competitive to other venues in the area and will save you money.

For bookings and enquiries please contact Markfield Centre and Sports ,Mayflower Close, Markfield LE67 9ST on 01530 242240 or email markfieldcomunitycentre@hotmail.co.uk or you can visit our website www.markfield communitycentre.com to view our facilities, latest news, photo gallery and information about the Centre.




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