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Markfield Community and Sports Centre


On the 14th April we received a very intriguing letter embossed with the crest of the Lord Lieutenant. On opening it we were delighted to see that it was a personal card and letter from the Lord Lieutenant of Leicestershire Mike Kapur OBE. His message in the letter was “The innovation, collaboration, courage and selflessness shown by so many across Leicestershire during the COVID-19 pandemic has been truly inspirational and uplifting. As Her Majesty the Queen’s representative, I would like to thank you for your strength, resilience and the wonderful contribution you have made during these extraordinary and challenging times. Thankyou”. Signed Mike Kapur OBE Lord- Lieutenant of Leicestershire.


We are so proud to have received this recognition from the Queen’s representative. It recognises all the voluntary work undertaken by the Community Centre, Markfield Mayflower Club and of course our Markfield COVID 19 Good Neighbours Support Scheme. We intend to frame the letter and keep it in a place of pride for all to see. We will also attach a list of all those people who came forward in these difficult times to offer their support no matter how big or small. Just having their support to call on was so uplifting.

Please remember that, despite the easing of the pandemic we are still here to help and support you. Just ring us on 07885 243033 and we will do our level best to help. It’s “STILL OKAY TO ASK”.


Even more recognition for the work we are doing in Markfield came from the Leicestershire and Rutland Rural Community Council. The RCC recently sent its Rural Community Coffee Van to the Centre’s Car Park to promote the work of the Community Council. The RCC has worked with us throughout the pandemic giving us support when we needed it. The RCC knew that there would be a warm welcome in Markfield and we were the first venue for the Coffee van this season and we even featured in their Press Release. It gave members of our Mayflower Club and other villagers the opportunity to meet up on the outdoor patio, have a nice chatter and a warm cuppa. Good job as it was a very chilly morning and a hot cup of coffee or chocolate was much appreciated.


Many people have been asking about the fate of the village rock snake. They certainly do not want it to disappear for good and express wishes that it should form part of a permanent memorial to commemorate the pandemic. Sadly, the rock snake, which, at one point consisted of over 1,000 painted rocks suffered due to the cold weather and had become rather dilapidated. COVID restrictions has also delayed planned work to create a rock stone memorial. BUT all is not lost. We have collected up all of the remaining rocks and placed them around the six ton granite rock amongst the memorial arch of trees. With the Parish Council and a small army of volunteers we are planning to incorporate them into a COVID 19 memorial once current social distancing restrictions allow.


It’s been quite strange but uplifting to hear the sound of people using the outside sports pitch for organised football and other sports. This started as part of the Government’s Step 1 road plan to recovery on the 29th March. We were also allowed to have some limited organised activities for children indoors from the 12th April.

On the 17th May we will be able to accommodate indoor adult sport and exercise will be allowed plus other very limited and socially distanced indoor activities. Then on the 21st June we should be able to open fully with no legal limits on social contact though there may be some guidelines on things such as the wearing of face masks – but who knows. Certainly, with the tragic events unfolding in India and other parts of the world we must all be careful and not let our guard down despite the temptations to do so.



Another month in lockdown has passed BUT hopefully club sessions will restart on the 17th May. The Monday Friendship Club should restart on the 17th May and the Mayflower Club on Wednesday 19th May both at 2pm to 4pm. The sessions will still have to be socially distanced with the current restrictions in place. So, please bring your face mask and sanitise your hands when you come in.

On the 24th April we marked Saint George’s Day with a virtual quiz on people with the name George as first names or surnames. Carole Kemp gave us some very interesting information on Saint George himself.

One of our founder members of the Club Barbara Pearce was treated to a special birthday tea by her neighbours Christine and Tim. I must mention Barbara as she set up the Markfield Friendship Club many, many, many years ago and well before the Centre was even open. Many thanks Barbara for all of your help and support over the years and a happy birthday from all of us.

Barbara celebrating her birthday with other Mayflower Club member Alan


It always brings a smile to our faces seeing how well used the Skate Park is used especially with youngsters of all ages scooting, cycling or skate boarding up and down the ramps. It is remarkable how well the skate park has weathered and its popularity continued. Having seen skate parks in other areas it has not suffered from malicious damage or even graffiti – quite amazing considering it was opened eight years ago on the 17th May 2013. We started planning the replacement of the old skate park in the autumn of 2011. The old skate park was a wooden structure which was falling apart and needed constant repairs. Local youngsters helped us design the new skate park with features such a grinding rails that we had never heard of before. We then set about securing funding through various bodies till we had enough to start building. We fondly remember one local fund raising event it was called the Markfield “DIscothon”. The event involved villager David Sprason who had been challenged and sponsored to play vinyl records for a whole twenty four hours. Dave was a former Night Club DJ and brought along all his old vinyl records, DJ music deck and microphone. It was a long but enjoyable haul but it raised £1,000 towards the skatepark costs.

Do you recognise yourself in these PHOTOGRAPHS? We wonder where you all are now and what you are doing?


The next session will take place on Wednesday 9th June. You can book your blood donation appointment on line so please book your place with the National Blood Service and “Do something amazing” by donating your much needed blood.

Ron and Dawn Grantham

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