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Jay Brothers Christmas Concert

During the evening of Saturday 1st December Christmas came to Markfield with a fantastic concert provided by our ever popular Jay Brothers. With the Centre bedecked with Christmas decorations over a hundred people danced, clapped and sung the night away to a fantastic array of popular songs intermingled with all our favourite Christmas anthems. It was a truly fun evening with the dance floor crammed with happy and festive revelers. The evening concluded with a slow dance to Bing Crosby’s “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” followed with everyone getting on the dance floor to join in with a resounding rendition of Slade’s “It’s Christmas”. The Jay brothers were fantastic throughout their performances giving us this wonderful Christmas concert. The event was organized by Angela Berry, Dot Pickering and Doreen Murby to raise funds for Markfield Congregational Church. Many thanks to you all for your efforts and PLEASE let’s have more Jay Brother concerts in Markfield.


Markfield Community Park

As mentioned in last month’s Herald ground and construction work on the playing fields around the Community Centre are going well. The new pathway around the grounds is virtually completed and now just requires surfacing. The brickwork to provide a new patio area outside the small hall is nearly complete. Construction work on the new outdoor sports pitch has reached the stage where the surface is about to be laid before work starts to provide fencing, lighting and sound proofing. With some continued good weather and with all “fingers crossed” the new facilities should be completed early next year and will then be available for hire. As part of the continued development of the site there are also plans to provide an outdoor gym so, you can keep fit and enjoy the outdoors at the same time. Once again our thanks go to the Parish Council in providing these marvelous new facilities for the village.



Marriage Celebration

On Saturday10th November one of our former youth club members and villager Danielle (Eastwood) celebrated her wedding to Uzzuell Edward with family and friends especially those who could not make it to their wedding in Malta on 9th October this year. I understand that they had a wonderful wedding in sunny Malta. Danielle and Uzzuell have two children between them Marley 9 years and Lilah 17 months old. Guests were treated to a fish and chip supper and the children got to play on a huge bouncy castle. I understand that the happy couple got together after meeting at a friend’s house. It is really nice to see one of our former youth club members growing up and settling down in the village with a family of their own. Many congratulations to you both from all at the Community Centre and we wish you a happy life together.


Mayflower Club’s Update

World War One Commemoration

On the 7th November the Mayflower Club marked the centenary of the ending of WW1 with a special commemorative event. I recounted my own family history story about my grandfather. He served with the Royal Artillery on the Western Front until he was injured. Once he had recovered he was sent back to the front where he served as a stretcher bearer. I am lucky to still have his army issue “cut throat” razor and tin opener plus several items of trench craft made out of bullets and brass shells. We also put on a display of replica WW1 newspapers, letters, trench orders, posters and other memorabilia provided by members as well as a WW1 display kindly lent to us by Markfield Library. Villager Di Lockley also gave us an extremely interesting talk on research she was doing which involved delving into old news paper articles relating to Markfield’s past. Her research included stories of the men from Markfield who had served in the war and their families. We concluded the event by sampling a typical meal from that period in time which included a hot meal of “Boiled Beef and Carrots” mopped up with a slice of bread and tinned potatoes. This was followed pudding that consisted of canned sliced peaches topped with tinned evaporated milk. This was washed down with a good old cup of tea whilst original WW1 songs were played in the back ground.


Have you often wondered where on earth many sayings and idioms commonly used in the English Language originate from. On nearly all of the recent BREXIT media coverage people still say “Back to Square One”. Why and where did this term come from? Answers on a post card! So, on 14th November and, after a bit of research, I was able to put together a quiz on the origins of many other sayings that are still in common use today .It was fascinating to learn where these sayings originate from and what they now mean in modern times. I wonder if current terms such as “Fake News” and “Brexiteer” will still be with us in years to come.

On 21st November our friend Kate Webb from AGE UK came along to give us a talk on the importance of keeping warm and well in winter. It was quite startling to learn that there is a massive spike in deaths during the winter months in the UK caused mainly by the affects of cold weather and related winter illnesses. This spike does not occur in far colder European countries mainly because they are used to cold weather and are far better prepared for the winter months than we are in this country. Kate gave us tips on keeping warm and well during cold weather. Many of her tips are common sense but we ignore them at our peril.


On the 28th November and as part of our build up to Christmas we put on a special Laurel and Hardy Christmas Show. The show included a number of black and white Laurel and Hardy films with the original sound tracks. The films were hysterical with the boys getting into terrible scrapes with Ollie often using his famous line “That’s another fine mess Stanley”. The show brought back many fond memories of huddling round the old black and white television at Christmas with all the family laughing and enjoying their antics.

The following events are being planned for Mayflower Club over the coming months:

12th December Christmas Decorations making

On the 19th December we will be holding our annual Christmas Party. Apart from a sumptuous festive feast we will be having a Christmas sing along with live entertainer Bill Brookman. Father Christmas has promised to come along and dish out “Secret Santa” presents.

STOP PRESS – I have just been informed that our application for funding from the Hinckley and Bosworth VCS has been successful and this will ensure that the project will continue throughout next year.

We must be doing something right as volunteers from the Mayflower Project have been invited by the Chair of the Leicestershire County Council to attend a reception at Beaumanor Hall in January. This reception is being held to show appreciation and recognition for the valued work undertaken by voluntary organizations across the County.

Reminder of New Sessions at the Community Centre

Ballroom and Latin Dancing

Tuesday Evenings 7.15pm to 8.15pm for further information please contact 07813 667861


Wednesday Evenings 7pm to 7.50pm for further information please contact 07745 519877


The next opportunity to donate blood via the National Blood Service will be on Friday 28th December. So please come along and “Do something amazing” by donating your much needed blood.

And Finally Season’s Greetings to you ALL

On behalf of the Centre Staff, Management Committee and volunteers may I take this opportunity to wish all our Centre users, volunteers and supporters a very Merry Christmas and happy, healthy and a peaceful 2019

Money Saving Special Offer

Don’t forget that if you are planning a special family event, party or function with a bar we only charge a modest hire fee of £10 per room. This hire fee is very competitive to other venues in the area and will save you money.

For bookings and enquiries please contact Markfield Centre and Sports ,Mayflower Close, Markfield LE67 9ST on 01530 242240 or email markfieldcomunitycentre@hotmail.co.uk or you can visit our website www.markfield communitycentre.com to view our facilities, latest news, photo gallery and information about the Centre.


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